Our Ethics Policy

  • Honesty and integrity. Base actions on a personal set  of values.  Follow the rules even when team leaders are not present.

  • Good manners. Always show courtesy and respect towards  other people.

  • Accepts advice, supervision, constructive criticism. Have high  self-esteem and do what is asked; accept constructive  criticism and use it to improve future performance.

  • Dependability / follow through. Work diligently to complete tasks, feedback to team leader any problems or delays so there are  no surprises about work not being done.

  • Good attendance / on time. Keep the mind on  work  (avoid external distraction); suggest improvement; be ready to begin work on time.

  • Accuracy of work / no waste. Be careful and avoid mistakes; if mistakes are made, correct the errors; be proud of work well done; hold high standards, always aim to complete all tasks right, first time, every time.

  • Pride & productivity in work. Show initiative; be ambitious; figure out how to get the job done; work as efficiently as possible to get the job well done.

  • Leadership. In order to be more successful with the change process we take into consideration the human element of a system that supports creating safe and high quality products.

  • Disclosure. All our personnel are protected from suffering any detriment or termination of employment if they make disclosures that can effect the business. A “qualifying disclosure” means a disclosure of information that an employee genuinely and reasonably believes is in the public or customers interest and shows that the company has committed a “relevant failure” by.

    • Committing a criminal offence.

    • Failing to comply with a legal obligation.

    • A miscarriage of justice.

    • Endangering the health and safety of an individual.

    • Product safety.

    • Concealing any information relating to any of the above.

  • If the above has been invoked for malicious reasons or in pursuit of a personal grudge, then suspension of employment or such lesser disciplinary sanction as may be appropriate in the circumstances.

Tridan Engineering Ltd was established in 1968 and provides a total outsource partnership and machining service to companies in the UK, Europe and USA, many of these leaders in their respective fields. The company currently employs 70 + staff.

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