Our energy mission and environmental policy

Tridan Engineering Ltd Energy Mission and Environmental Policy Statement 

Tridan recognise the social and economic importance of environmental protection and the implications of its activities on the local and global environment. We are fully committed to meeting this challenge and to working towards the continual improvement of our environmental standards and practices.


To support the stated commitment, it is the management policy to integrate environmental considerations into the decision making process.

Senior Management are responsible for the implementation and management of the environmental programme.


Through the efforts of all employees we ensure that our policy objectives are achieved.


In order to maintain and sustain the Company’s environmental performance we will take every reasonable practical means to:

  • Commit to protecting the environment and ensuring to prevent pollution at all times through our activities internally and externally.


  • Comply with ISO 14001 and all relevant statutory and corporate environmental requirements.


  • Achieve good environmental standards in all activities including the reduction, control, handling, use, storage and disposal of waste.

  • Make economic use of energy, water and all other resources to minimise waste in all aspects of the business.


  • Ensure that where possible materials, goods and services are sourced from sustainable sources.

  • Assess regularly the environmental impact resulting from business operations and remain fully informed of recognised best practices.

  • Communicate this policy to our customers, contractors, suppliers and employees and encourage their active involvement.


  • Tridan Engineering Ltd will train and support all staff members to ensure best practice is achieved and continual improvement is realised, investigating new technologies which could assist the business becoming more environmentally friendly.


  • Include environmental issues in management review meetings to increase employee’s awareness and active involvement.​

  • Maintain contingency plans where foreseeable risk of environmental incidents exists.

  •  The organisation has decided not to communicate its aspects and impacts unless specifically asked by an interested party.


Tridan Engineering Ltd was established in 1968 and provides a total outsource partnership and machining service to companies in the UK, Europe and USA, many of these leaders in their respective fields. The company currently employs 70 + staff.

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