A review of our campaign by paul hawkins 

So how quickly does 12 months go!  I hope you have enjoyed our case studies over the last year.  I certainly have. I am also very proud of the team and how we have showcased Tridan as a forward-thinking contract manufacturer.  For 2018, a great way to celebrate our 50th year in business delivering engineering excellence.

My favourite, so many to choose from, all case studies brought positivity and gains for us.  Ok, I cannot choose one, here are some of my favourites: -

May 17’ – One machinist/two machines, this took our efficiency levels and spindle cutting times up another level, sat next to our “lights out” machining, the team took to this and made it happen.

June 17’ – Apprentice intake, as anyone who knows me they will tell you I am incredibly proud of our apprenticeship scheme.  We have developed it over the years, and we believe our apprentice programme is a major success: it has contributed to our growth and will continue to do so.

August 17’ – Ok, I am in this one, I had to choose it.  All joking aside, our people strategy has been hugely important in how we are developing as a company.  From training our personnel, working to our company values etc.  As I have written many times, Autonomy is, and will continue to be my favourite of our values.  Nothing gives me more pleasure to see team members develop under their own initiative, which in turn gives them more job satisfaction, a true win win for company and team. Of course, there will be times where people need help in finding a solution. We do not say “do this” as we have introduced a coaching culture from top down and operate on a management belief that individuals can find the answer.

September 17’ – Was incredibly proud of the team when we achieved AS9100 Rev D.  We were one of the first manufacturing companies to achieve this.  Not only was that a great achievement, but we changed our whole thinking, creating a business management system that worked for us, and us not work for it.

Dec 17’ – R&D and Design for Manufacture (DFM), we have made great strides with our customers.  Our customers are experts in what they do, we are experts in machining, so the collaboration we are now seeing between supplier/customer is saving money.  

Mar 18’ – Tridan in the Community, as one of the larger employers in the area we should have been playing a bigger role in our community.  We have done well in improving this, but more to do.  The biggest win we have had is with one of our local schools, Clacton County High School.  From open days for students, helping on an electrical vehicle which they race nationally, to parents/open evenings at the school which we attend to let young people know manufacturing is a choice for them with a precision engineering company only a few miles away.

The above is just a small selection of my thoughts regarding our campaign, I could have gone on….  

An honour I must mention is being recognised by The Parliamentary Review in September 2017.  To be selected with only a few other engineering companies as leaders in our field, sharing best practice is something the team and I are very proud of.

Paul Hawkins

Managing Director


It’s our 50th year in business, a great achievement, so to celebrate we are having a party on the 14th July, band, BBQ, awards, bouncy castle, will be a great family fun day, please let me know if you would like to join us and help us celebrate.  On the day as well, I mentioned earlier Clacton County High school, well as you read this the students of all year groups are designing their “vehicle of the future”, their designs will be showcased on the day where the winners will be announced. For the 16/18 age group, the prize, a full apprenticeship at Tridan!

Well that’s me done for now.

Hang on, one more thing, almost there, it would be remiss me of not say that our drive for continual improvement to become our customers preferred contract manufacturing choice does not stop here.  The culture of continual improvement is now in our DNA so please keep an eye out, we have exciting news regarding more developments coming shortly.

I’m now done…

Thank you for being part of our campaign.

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