Our business policy

  • It is the policy of Tridan Engineering to determine and review external and internal issues that are relevant to its purpose and its strategic direction. Our aim is to enhance their satisfaction and overall service. by operating all of our processes under controlled conditions. 

  • This policy is deployed through our business management system that has been established, documented and implemented to fully conform to AS/EN9100, ISO14001 and customer-specific, applicable law and regulatory requirements as they apply to our products, services and BMS documentation

  • The system is maintained and continually improved through the setting, monitoring and reviewing of our quality objectives, data analysis, internal auditing, disciplined problem solving, physical and human factors requirements, interested parties, and changes in the governing standards and regulatory/contractual requirements are assessed and incorporated on an on-going basis.

  • Personnel are provided with instruction to assure their understanding of the company business policy and training/coaching to enable them to competently carry out their work.  They are given access to business management system documentation and are made aware of relevant procedures and/or job instructions.  They are motivated to understand and achieve key objectives, to make continual improvements, and to appreciate the consequences for the customer of any non-conformities to key requirements. The necessary infrastructure and work environment is provided and maintained to ensure conformity to product, regulatory and law requirements.

  • Tridan Engineering Ltd will train and support all staff members to ensure best practice is achieved and continual improvement is realised.

  • The organisation remains responsible for quality of all products purchased from suppliers and sub-contractors, including customer designated sources which is incorporated into customers product and/or service

  • The company takes full responsibility for the product supplied and does not use any verification activities carried out by its customers as a means for quality control of product supplied.

  • Tridan Engineering Ltd have controls in place to ensure counterfeit goods are not released into the production process.

Tridan Engineering Ltd was established in 1968 and provides a total outsource partnership and machining service to companies in the UK, Europe and USA, many of these leaders in their respective fields. The company currently employs 70 + staff.

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